European Union Joint Research Program INCO-COPERNICUS

Geographic Information On-line Analysis
Project No.: 977091


October 1998 September 2001

The goal of GOAL

The research project aims to find the way to integrate data warehouses with geographical information systems. Such an integrated system is able to support top executives in their decision-making by providing them with the information stored in the geographical information process.

Achieved results

       Pilot prototype integrating DWH and GIS

       Prototype package of KDD algorithms applicable to GIS-DWH prototype

       Two real-life applications will be developed, delivered and verified by the involved SMEs companies:

o       Prototype application A1 - Monument Visitor Ticketing System: Discovery of optimal scenarios for travel agencies

o        Prototype application A2 - Water Distribution System in Western Bohemia: Prediction of water consumption in regional distribution system


The integration is not a one-way connection. Besides the data pumping from GIS into data warehouse and opposite information flows enable GIS to exploit materialized views stored in the data warehouse. It overcomes the necessity to run complicated spatial query each time when some information is required. Quick and efficient data cube operations with the same result are done instead.

KDD systems for geographical databases can support other related scientific field including environmental protection, meteorology and ecology. Creation of reusable body of knowledge characterizing geographical information seems to be important contribution to knowledge representation issues studied within the domain of artificial intelligence.

Main outputs

       Software prototype of the Integration module

       Software prototype of the KDD toolkit